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Web Packages

Website Packages:

Are you still dreaming about getting a website made in 2023? Let us handle all the codes and digital assets for you today, so you can start bringing your website visions to life tomorrow...


Sweet & Simple:

this package gets you online and gets you online fast.

Have your content and pictures ready becauase once you pay, we handle the rest..



Want to sell your own product online? but cant quite figure it out? Its time you stop by The Beardinaire Brand and let us handle all the codes and variants for you. We will build your store in less than 2 weeks and have you ready to recieve your first sale in no time.

* this package includes up to 10 products


Start Up:

Are you a start up? do you need to get the word out about your product, service or brand? dont have a logo? thats ok because this package includes everything you need to start. thats right, you get a custom logo(Valued at $175), a website and 3 custom premium shirts (valued at $75) all for the price of one.

*certain rules & restrictions apply


Small Business:

Do you have a small business that doesnt have a website? you do know your missing out on an unlimited amount of money by not stamping your small business with a website in the digital age. Mom and pop stores and going out of business left and right mean while the online community of business owners are thriving and growing stronger everyday. Let us help you make your digital stamp today. Choose us!


Professional Service:

This is for the company that have alot going on already but are struggling with online retention, awareness or sales. It could be due to the fact that your company has an extremely outdated website, look or theme. Its time for a complete overall by The Beardinaire Brand to bring your company into digital success and prosperity.

*Consultation required before finalization.


Artist Site With Store & Music:

Are you an artist? Are you ready to let the worldknow who you are? then you need a custom website that your fans can come to, to engage your conent. Why let social media have all the fun? control your platformm with a custom website. O did i tell you you can sell music directly from your site & cut out the middle man? we can also help you start your merch line.


Artist Site With Store & Music:

Everything above just minus the store & music... it still look good tho


Site Upgrade:

Price is per hour. we will determine how many hours it will take prehand to fix your site and then give you a quote before we proceed.



-We do not pay for your domain name & privacy ( price range est:$25-$50)

- we do not pay for your month/ yearly website hosting fee ( price range est: Monthly $30-$50/ Yearly $150-300)

- once website is built we do not do continue maintenience ( we will show you how to use your dashboard and back office)

-we do not type your content for you, content must be typed and spelled proof

Web Packages

$450.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
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